Utilize Storage Space with Shelving

Whitmor 6070-267 Supreme 5-Tier Shelving Unit, BlackHello HouseHold Tippers!

Today we're talking about using space.

A Great Way to utilize ALL your space is with shelving.
And a Great Place to do this is in your basement/garage/storage area.
The back portion of our basement is for storage, so I went to
Target, and got 'platinum' shelving,
That's right, I lined the walls with storage shelving, all in 'platinum',
and got them in varying heights to accommodate as much storage space as the wall allows.

The amount of room that I created is incredible!

I then did the same thing in our washer and dryer room, down in the basement!

Sports Equipment, all tools, and all kitchen stuff that I don't use regularly (Huge pans, special glasses), fits on these shelves!

Then, in the washer and dryer room shelving I have all holiday decorations (except Christmas).  I have a 4th of July shelf, a couple of Easter shelves... you get the idea.  This makes decorating for a holiday easy- no going up in the attic!

Use Shelving- It Makes Life Easier!