Interesting isn't it how quickly those of us who are actually mainstream American's are being made to feel as though we aren't?? Or told we aren't?

Case in point, I commented today on a board concerning education and the tea party; while I don't necessarily consider myself a true Tea Partyist we did attend the original rally near us. However I'm sorry I don't consider a movement several thousand strong to be a "fringe" element or extremist? Hello??? Same with homeschooling.....

Then there's always the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell  (planning to blog my thoughts on that more later) ... hmm lets see over 60% of combat troops and 50% of non-combat troops did not support the repeal yet that constitutes a minority?! In who's warped world? I mean weather you agree or disagree over 50% is a majority anywhere else.

If being a conservative Christian woman who loves her husband, her children, her country and her God makes me an extremist .. then I guess I am but how sad is it that a country based on such priniciples is ever more rapidly marginalizing them?!!!